Experiences, Emotions, Episodes. Contemporary Positions in Film Phenomenology



Friday December 9, 2016

Marie Lokezaal (Harmony Building, University of Groningen)

This one-day symposium will give an overview of current research in the field of film phenomenology. It features talks by noted film phenomenologists Dylan Trigg (University College Dublin/University of Memphis) and Christian Ferencz-Flatz (University of Cologne/University of Bucharest) as well as Julian Hanich (University of Groningen). Another section is devoted to papers by ‘junior scholars’ – former or current film studies students of the University of Groningen – who have written papers on shame in the cinema, binge watching of television series and the experience of Virtual Reality documentaries. The day concludes with a journal launch: Christian Ferenz-Flatz and Julian Hanich present a special issue of the journal Studia Phaenomenologica on “Film and Phenomenology” they have recently co-edited.

Sponsored by: ICOG and the Department of Arts, Culture and Media of the University of Groningen

Entrance is free

For more information please contact Julian Hanich: j.hanich@rug.nl.