A Dancing Museum

by Carmen van Bruggen 

‘It is time to see, to make visible and bring alive the moving bodies of a culture’

Boris Charmatz in Manifesto for a Dancing Museum.

She wears dirty sneakers, blue Adidas sweatpants and a simple grey t-shirt. Her outfit, however, reveals nothing of the styles she dances: Russian Folkdance and ballet. It has a brilliant effect, the banging of her sport shoes on the museum floor, while she plays both the male and female roles of classical pieces. Of course she is a contemporary dancer. She does whatever she wants. She mixes styles, appropriates any role and enjoys the absence of any clear dance rules. Continue reading “A Dancing Museum”

“The Knowledge of the Curator”: The Experience of a Sponge in a Pressure-Cooker

by Daphne Verberg

How do you exhibit a prayer nut (a micro-carving the size of – you guessed it – a nut!) in the daily hustle and bustle of the Rijksmuseum? And how do you display fashion design whose tactility makes visitors want to reach out and touch it, although they are not allowed to? Or what are art lovers looking for when they gaze at a masterpiece? Do they want to know the personal stories of Marten en Oopjen or are they trying to comprehend the virtuosity of Rembrandt? Continue reading ““The Knowledge of the Curator”: The Experience of a Sponge in a Pressure-Cooker”